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Biotherm Flavours and Flavours LLP is exclusively working on biotechnological interventions in flavours and fragrance industry sector. Right from SOIL to OIL, every step has its own role to play for production of quality products. Biotherm uses most authentic source of natural material and provides the nature’s best product to its customers. One of our most exclusive products is vetiver oil and we have access to >1000 acres of vetiver plantation. We manufacture the finest vetiver oil in the market with the best and genuine aroma profile

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We build up our raw material source line through extreme precautions from trusted farmers.Support them with biotech management practices for better raw material stock development.This inter trust has built bonding
with us and farmers.


Our scientific fraternity works on deploying and developing novel methodologies for capturing and storing the fragrance and flavor molecules as it is in nature by deploying low temperature extraction methodologies.
Biotechnological tools such as polyploidy, PGRs are used to improve the quality and yields. One of our under patent registration product is vetiver wax, which we have exclusive rights for manufacturing and marketing has been developed by us which has application in cosmetic industry. The vetiver oil produced through low temperature methods have better GC profile than produced through hydro distillation.

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Vetiver Oil

Our technology has been recognized by Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.We have been awarded BIG BIRAC award to carry out R&D activity to improve the yields. We are associated with various research organization and one of them is Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre, Bangalore.